Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Logion 1: Mystery

I who write this am Thomas, the Double, the Twin.
Yeshua, the Living Master spoke,
and his secret sayings I have written down.

I assure you, whoever grasps their meaning
will not know the taste of death.


Maureen said...

So lovely, Diane. Both the words and your photo. Very peaceful and calming and contemplative.

I'm going to give you a shout-out on my blog. The Gospel will attract a following, I am certain.

Libby said...

The mirror image is like Thomas and the twin!

David Wheeler said...

I was trying to tell a friend writing about the Jewish Torah at the intersection with other spiritual traditions why I liked her words so much. In some places she declared her truth, but in other places she wrote around her topic - probing and withdrawing, suggesting an outline of an idea but not filling it in, but rather letting it trail off, leaving space for the reader's own experience or own inspiration to provide any necessary completion.
I was having trouble coming up with words to tell her exactly how her writing struck me, and you provided them in this inscription: descriptive, yet leaving space for the mystery, the numinous.
Thank you.

Diane Walker said...

Thank you, David, for sharing your thoughts🙂