Monday, November 2, 2009

Final Logion: 114

Simon Peter said to them all,
"Mary should leave us,
for women are not worthy of this Life."

Yeshua said,

"Then, I myself will lead her,
making her male if she must become worthy like you males!
I will transform her into a living spirit
because any woman changed in this way
will enter the divine Realm."

This is the Good News According to Thomas


Maureen said...

This is a wonderful meditation.

I've come here every day to read the posts. Some have left me touched, others bid me to consider the words long and hard.

Thank you for all of them.

Suella said...

I've come every day, too, and they have given me much food for thought. I will miss them. So my plan is to go back to the beginning and revisit them daily.

Thank you, Diane. said...

Thank you both for your kind words; this has been a joyous project for me, and I, too, will go back to the beginning and work my way through; I think this will be my fifth time!

Ward Prefect said...

Setting the Logia in this blog was definitely a wonderful idea! There are some that really stood out, especially "When you see your own likeness
projected into time
it makes you happy.
But when the time comes
that you are able to look upon
the icon of your own being
which came into existence at the beginning,
and neither dies nor has been fully revealed,
will you be able to stand it?"

Thanks again.

URfriend, Dean Johnson said...
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URfriend, Dean Johnson said...

It seems to me that the Gospel of Thomas is so much more than any of us yet realize. Personally believing that the Gospel of Thomas is the Revelation of Jesus Christ and the original Testimony of Jesus I am glad to see His message being discussed. It seems we are beginning to uncover the riches within.

Unknown said...

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