Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Logion 61: Impermanence

Yeshua says...

Two will be resting on a bed.
One will die, the other will live.

Salome said,
"Then how is it, Sir,
that you, coming from the one Source,
have rested on my couch and eaten at my table?"

Yeshua said to her,
"I am he who has appeared to you
out of the Realm of Unity,
having been granted
that which belongs to my Father, its Source."

"I will be your student!" she exclaimed.

"Then I say this to you:
if you become whole you will be full of Light.
If you remain fragmented darkness will fill you."


Maureen said...

I like your line "completely alive with light".

Yeshua's words remind me of a poem about all things being God's and how unaware we are of that truth. (My senior moment prevents me from recalling the poem's title and author. May be in Poems from God.)

Anonymous said...

couch, not coach.

Diane Walker said...

Fixed it; THANKS!!!

... but now I wonder if it's right in the book... and, oh dear, it's broken there, too. Oh, goody; something to fix!