Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Logion 13: I Am

Yeshua asked his students,
"Tell me, then, who am I like?
To whom will you compare me?"

Simon Peter said,
"You are like a just angel."
Matthew said,
"You are a philosopher of wisdom."
Thomas said,
"Master, I cannot find words to express who you really are."

Yeshua said,
"Thomas, it is no longer necessary for me to be your Master
for you are drinking from the gushing spring
I have opened for you,
and you have become intoxicated."

Then Yeshua took Thomas aside
and spoke three sayings to him in private.
When Thomas returned to the company of his companions
they, of course, asked him,
"What did Yeshua say to you?"
"If I were to tell you
even one of the things he spoke to me," Thomas replied,
"you would pick up these rocks and stone me,
and then fire would blaze out of them and burn you."

1 comment:

scott adam ALF said...

U r You
i am eye
to see the difference
is to know oneself
thank you for the portrayal
ALeph for ALF