Monday, March 15, 2010

Logion 8: Deeper

Yeshua says...

A true human being
can be compared to a wise fisherman
who casts his net into the sea
and draws it up from below full of small fish.
Hidden among them
is one large, exceptional fish
which he seizes immediately,
throwing back all the rest without a second thought.
Whoever has ears let them understand this.


Acceptable said...

Compare to:

Logion 76, choosing a single pearl out of a consignment of goods.

Logion 107, rescuing the finest sheep at the cost 99 lesser ones.

All three are about selecting one ultimate, enduring treasure over all alternatives.

Libby Caes said...

What a profound statement, "perhaps if I keep moving I can go on pretending that I am always on my way to bigger fish"
I am so good at pretending and kidding myself. Stop! The big fish is right here.