Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Logion 6: Sainthood

His students asked him,
"Do you want us to fast?"
"How shall we pray?"
"Should we give offerings?"
"From what foods must we abstain? "

Yeshua answered,
"Stop lying.
Do not do what you hate,
because everything here lies open before heaven.
Nothing hidden will remain secret,
for the veil will be stripped away
from what lies concealed behind it."

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Acceptable said...

Logion 6: "Do you want us to fast?"

Logion 14: If you fast
you will only be giving birth to sin in yourself.

Logion 6: "How shall we pray?"

Logion 14: If you pray,
your prayers will come back to haunt you.

Logion 6: "Should we give offerings?"

Logion 14: If you give to charity,
you will create evil within your own spirit.

Logion 6: "From what foods must we abstain? "

Logion 14: eat whatever is put in front of you ... for it is not what goes into your mouth that contaminates you, but [your words] coming out of your mouth [that does.]